Client Testimonials

Our Enduring Success: MMS receives the most gratifying endorsements from those with whom we work. We take great pride in the veracity of our patient health outcomes. Together, these commendations work to reinforce our primary conviction: improved health lowers costs. This belief serves to advance our clients and our profession.

MMS Client Perspective

“I’m reviewing CMRs and wanted to point out an especially good one. Michelle performed an outstanding CMR with one of our members and deserves kudos. Her write-up in the “what we talked about” section of the MAP is outstanding. Her advice and help went above and beyond normal and is exactly what I’d expect an excellent pharmacist to say.”

MMS Patient Perspective

“Wow, Sarah. I’ve been trying to explain this all to my doctor because I knew something just isn’t right, but no one would ever listen. You can tell I haven’t been happy with my care and that’s why I’m going to change doctors. But, wow! I even asked my retail pharmacist and she said they just don’t give her time to do this with patients because they’re too busy. I always thought my symptoms were related to Xarelto, but I just didn’t know exactly what it was or how it all went together. I’m so glad that I went ahead and did this (CMR) and that I got you. You have no idea how much I appreciate this and appreciate you.”

MMS Pharmacist Perspective

“I had a CMR with a patient last week whom I called yesterday. He was taking his Lantus and Humalog insulin on a sliding scale, and his blood sugars were erratically fluctuating up and down. Just by figuring out a fixed dose, his blood sugars have come down from 190 – 200+ in the morning to 110 – 140. I’m going to call him back next Monday to get his blood sugar readings and optimize his Humalog. But he is very happy with his improvement in blood sugars from this first small step.”


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