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Our Dedicated Pharmacists

MMS delivers superior care through an extraordinary team of pharmacists. Their focus is to ensure that all medications are appropriate, effective, and safe for the patient. And that all medications can be taken as intended.

Our Comprehensive Approach

The MMS pharmacists professional services leads with patient engagement and outreach, continues with patient counsel and prescriber discussions resulting in a care plan, and concludes when the patient understands the goals of therapy, and those goals are met, documented, and reported.

Our Integrated Perspective

Throughout our patient care process, we integrate clinical, economic, and humanistic concerns. Our work proves to be a blending of art and science as we thoughtfully consider the patient experience along with our robust data. And of course we consistently strive to improve health outcomes that in turn lower health care costs. So the high-value return on investment for our clients brings us full circle to our original premise: improved health lowers costs.


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